Student Code of Conduct

1. STUDENT MINIMUM COMPUTER SKILLS. You must have a basic level of computer knowledge to complete courses in the Energea classroom. Any student that does not have a high enough level of computer skill set to participate may be removed from the course work and offered private and individualized instruction. If you are unsure of your computing ability please email Energea to discuss the specific skills required to complete the course you are interested in.

2. STUDENT CLASSROOM CONDUCT. Energea is a fun, collaborative and creative environment and you must act in a non-disruptive and cooperative manner during Energea classroom courses, in the studio, or during private lessons. The instructor, at their sole discretion, may remove you from any Energea class if the student fails to comply.

3. ACADEMIC REQUIREMENTS. Energea requires that all students make an effort to engage in discussions, participate in classroom activity and complete coursework in a timely manner. Failure to stay active and engaged will slow down the pace of class and negatively affect the experience of you and other students.

4. STUDENT QUESTIONS, CONCERNS, AND COMPLAINTS. Questions are always welcomed at Energea and students are encouraged to ask as many as possible! Additionally, all registered students are encouraged to discuss their particular classroom concerns, issues, or complaints with the Energea staff and faculty.

5. STUDENT DISCIPLINARY ACTION. If you violate the aforementioned Code of Conduct, Energea may, in its sole discretion, decide to no longer permit you to enroll in future courses (including individualized private lessons). A student that has been expelled will no longer be permitted to enter the premises at Energea.

6. THEFT OR DAMAGE TO SCHOOL OR STUDENT PROPERTY. ANY unauthorized taking, use, misappropriation, or damage to property owned or maintained by Energea, a student of the school will result in breach of this agreement. In Energea’s sole discretion, you may be expelled, held responsible for any financial damages, and will receive no refund for any money paid or owed to Energea.

7. HARASSMENT POLICY. Harassment of any student, employee, faculty member, contractor, or guest of Energea is not permitted.. Harassment includes verbal, physical, or sexual conduct that disrupts another’s performance or safety or that creates an intimidating, offensive, or hostile environment. Harassment should be immediately reported to the a staff member or instructor. If it is discovered that you have been involved in the harassment of any other student, employee, faculty member, contractor, or guest of Energea, you will be in breach of this Agreement, will have violated this Student Code of Conduct. In Energea’s sole discretion, you may be expelled, held responsible for any financial damages, and will receive no refund for any money paid or owed to Energea.

8. ALCOHOL & DRUG POLICY. Alcohol or drug use and/or being under the influence of drugs or alcohol is not permitted at Energea property. Energea has a zero tolerance policy and students in violation will be dismissed and may be expelled.

9. SMOKING. You may not smoke or vaporize inside Energea’s facilities. No exceptions.

10. FOOD OR DRINK POLICY. No food or drinks are allowed in the classroom or studios. Food and drink is permitted in the reception area.

11. DRESS CODE. Please dress accordingly. Energea is a learning environment filled with professionals. Please dress appropriately.

12. CHANGE OF CLASS TIMES. Energea may change class times. Energea will provide students with as much notice as possible.

13. RIGHT TO CHANGE THIS STUDENT CODE OF CONDUCT. Energea may, at any point, change, alter, revise, or amend this Student Code of Conduct.

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