Sound Healing Meditation

Yarah Formation in collaboration with Energea brings you: HARMONIC ALIGNMENT. A Sound Healing Meditation with the Pyradym (one of only 27 in the world).

What are Physioacoustics?

These would be the questions I'd be asking if presented with the above invite. So to provide some understanding of what to expect from the meditation here is a brief explanation of what we work with.

Physioacoustics is a scientific method of applying low frequency stimulation to the human body in such a way as to obtain desired emotional or physical effects.

Since ancient times, low frequency sound has been used in various forms to cause physiologic and psychological effects. From the Gregorian chant and Tibetan monks, to the music of African tribes and Australian aborigines; low frequency sound has been used to calm, to excite, to relieve anxiety, to motivate warriors, and to induce relaxation.

Physioacoustics may be thought of as the science which takes the active ingredients out of music, concentrates them, and infuses them in pure form to motivate or heal.

What is the Pyradym?

The Pyradym is a 3 tone sound generating device, that creates relaxing stereophonic sound and vibration.

One of the unique things about the sound frequencies generated by Pyradym is that they are not musical “notes” per se.

control panelThe 440hz arbitrary standard tuning system currently used by musical instruments is an “un-natural” convention that was adopted in the early part of the last century specifically so that groups of musical instruments could effectively play with one another. They are not tuned in relationship to the human body. The Pyradym Is.

It uses a unique a mathematically proportional scale relevant to the human body and is designed to sympathetically resonate the human body at typical characteristic resonant or ‘signature’ frequencies.
This allows a profound aspect of energizing the human body and by using sound to resonate the human body we can essentially massage it structurally.

What is Brain Entrainment?

Brain Entrainment is the occurrence in humans where the major biological systems can be induced to synchronize with one another and the application of an appropriate sound is highly effective and non-invasive means of causing biological entrainment.

For example, if you listen to a slow repetitive sound, your brain, breathing, and heart rate will slow down and syncopate with one another, providing a deep sense of relaxation. Pyradym helps induce “whole brain” integration.

Chakra Alignment Explained

The body holds seven main Chakra centers or wheels, from the root to the crown these are the energy points or circuits that hold us together energetically and each point corresponds to and is responsible for its own band of frequency within the energetic spectrum.

These frequency bands/chakras relate to all aspects of our being. Whether it at the physical level, where they govern the organs under their domain, at the emotional level where they affect our everyday feelings, the psychological level where they direct our mindset or at the spiritual/higher level where they offer guidance and inner development.

Each chakra works as an energy transformer, distributing the correct amount of energy to the required area of our energetic field.

When operating in alignment the chakras allow us to run at our optimum level in all fields, we operate in harmony and ease.

What happens if your Chakras is not aligned?

When not in alignment, we become unsteady and may find life awkward and troublesome, operating with dis-ease.

Through the soothing sound of the Pyradym we are able to flow through the chakra points and gently re-align ourselves, once aligned our whole vehicle will now perform at a higher and more energy efficient rate.

What happens during a Sound Healing with the Pyradym?

There will be a gentle introduction to each of the chakra centers and their individual attributes. We meet a half hour before to allow time to get comfortable and relaxed. We then find our spots and try to clear our minds of the day.  Ben of Yarah Formation will start working the Pyradym synthesizer powered by a powerful 16 speaker Meyer Sound System. Starting in the frequency range for the lowest (root) chakra and proceeding upward. We invite you to create a certain intention.  This can help you get the most benefit.

Please bring a Yoga Mat and a water to stay hydrated. The mediation lasts about 1 hour.

Can I get a Reiki Scanning?

For those who wish to gain the fullest benefit from the meditation it is advised to get a Reiki scan during the mediation.  This provides great insight as to which chakra points may be in need of attention and the nature of attention required.

These spots are limited & require a reservation & additional fee of $15 paid directly to the Reiki Practitioner.

April 13Thursday7:30 PM to 9:30 PM
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Note: This event will be hosted at Pentloft 32-32 Steinway St. 4th Floor, Astoria, NY, 11103

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