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One on One Training in our studio or yours

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Music Production Training can cover:

  • Selecting the best Music making Software for you
  • Exploring your musical tastes & setting goals
  • Becoming comfortable with software through our retention based training 
  • How to Arrangement a Song
  • Audio sampling and manipulation (Warping, Editing, Manipulation)
  • MIDI and how to use it for hands-on fun
  • Built-in Software Instruments
  • Gain an understanding of synthesis 
  • Learn basic music theory relating to octaves, chords, scales and modes
  • Sound Designing
  • Use built-in instruments and effects
  • Creating Original Basslines, Pads, Leads and SFX (notes, octaves and simple chords)
  • Creating your custom sound palette
  • Organize and build your own user folders

Advanced Training:

  • Add some finishing touches to your original music
  • Prepare the mix for the mastering process
  • Volume Balancing  and creating headroom
  • EQ - Instruments and their frequencies-
  • Subtractive EQing to clean up your sound
  • Compression and Limiting
  • Panning
  • Reverb and Delay
  • Parallel Processing for added textures

Everyone learns at a different pace & we have package options available. Give us a call at 929-296-9314 to speak about your music goals.

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Our Training Methodology


    Concepts will be explained for a solid foundation.


    Putting the theory into practice.


    Retention exercises make sure no student is left behind.


    Bringing your ideas to a professional musical level.

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